More Eye-Bolt Considerations

When to use shouldered eye-bolts?

An important consideration when choosing which eye-bolt to use for your lift is whether or not it needs to be “shouldered.” Bolts that do not have shoulders are only used for vertical lifts. If, however, your lift needs to be done at an angle, it is important to use a shouldered eye-bolt instead.

What is a galvanized eye-bolt?

Galvanized eye bolts are coated in zinc oxide in order to prevent corrosion and oxidation over time. They tend to be less expensive than stainless steel eye-bolt, but are still a good choice for many lifts.

There are many considerations when choosing which eye-bolt to purchase for your lift. That’s why we always recommend contacting our support staff, who are experts that can help you find the safest and most economical eye-bolt for your project.