Pulleyman Winch

  • pulleyman winch transparentLifts   Up  to  1,200 lbs.

  • Infinite   Length  Capability

  • 4:1  Safety  Factor  Design

  • Only Weighs 16 lbs.

  • Powered   By  Your  Drill

  • 3/16″ Wire  Rope  Cable


Part number 50HWS-60120

Amazing PulleyMan Features

Why do people call PulleyMan the all-round tool, rather than an industrial tool? PulleyMan can function in any 360 degree rotating direction and can move along a fixed wire, being the first in the world to do so. These are the world-first functions by the innovative gearing and pulley systems (patented). Our new pulley theory overcomes limitations of brake and friction forces, which are the main causes of wire slippage in conventional pulley systems.

Furthermore, the features such as its light weight, compactness, simple structure, affordability, convenience and multi-functionality broaden its product concept from a piece of industrial equipment to a handy tool as portable as a screw driver or hand drill. As a result, the PulleyMan, Model CSW-3060, can be used by anyone, in almost any situation.

Automatic Brake System

No additional brake system is needed because PulleyMan itself is equipped with a perfect integrated back lash brake. This feature fundamentally eliminates brake troubles, which is the most significant shortcoming of conventional material handling equipment. When there is a problem while lifting load, it is safe even when the motor is separated from the main body for repair, because PulleyMan itself has a perfect brake function. The integrated brake prevents rotation of the motor which tends to rotate even when the power is off.

Speed Reducer

High ratio, compact and light (1 tooth differential ring type planetary gear reducer). Integrated automatic brake (speed reducer itself functions as a back lash brake).

Our Unique Pulley

PulleyMan is armed with a new technology which overcomes the limitations of frictional forces and brake capacities of conventional V-belt pulley systems and wedgy technology. The new pulley theory enables perfect power transmission and brake capabilities without any additional brake part or locker by passing the wire rope through the pulley. And the new theory makes it possible for PulleyMan to work well at any distance and under any circumstance (vertical/horizontal/slant). Furthermore, PulleyMan itself can move along a fixed wire or cable.

Brake Test for PulleyMan

(Lifting Capacity: 500kg)
Total Load Tested: 2,000Kg (400% heavier than maximum capacity)

It took 1 minute until total load reached 2 tons from 0 ton. Total wire stretch was 10.07mm, and this stretch occurred at eye-splice part of the wire hook as the wire fits to the bottom of pulley. There was no slippage at all between pulley and wire for 5 minutes after test load reached 2 tons. Moreover, it showed no slippage for additional 10 minutes. PulleyMan proved a perfect brake capability.