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Answering Common Questions about Hoist Rings

What is a hoist ring?

A hoist ring is a critical component that helps facilitate lifting heavy loads. They are a type of lifting ring that connects a sling with a lifting hoist. This allows one to raise and lower heavy-duty loads. They are useful because they allow a more extensive range of motion than other types of lifting rings that serve similar functions– such as eye bolts and eye nuts. Because of this added flexibility, hoist rings increase the safety of your lift. If your lift involves applying force at an angle, your best bet is to use a hoist ring.

How to install a hoist ring?

The most crucial consideration is putting safety first. Please refer to our general safety and installation guide for a complete, in-depth overview of installing different lifting components.

For more information on installing particular hoist rings, see the installation instructions tab on our Safety and Technical Page. There you will find instructions on how to install EZ-Torque® Hoist Rings, Fast-Lok® Plate Systems, Heavy Duty® Weld Mounts, and Welding Instructions for Weld-in Threaded Inserts.

Can a swivel hoist ring be installed in a through hole?

The answer is yes: a swivel hoist ring can be installed in a through hole. However, when installed in a through hole with a nut and washer, the nut must be at a Grade 8 strength level, and the nut must also have full thread engagement.

ADB provides nuts and washers for through hole applications, and can also customize the bolt/thread length to pass through plates or through holes. For more information on ADB products and services, please head over to our contact page to get in touch with us.

ADB Safety Engineered Hoist Rings

Safety Engineered Hoist Rings and ADB:

One word: safety. Only ADB produces the original Safety Engineered Hoist Ring. Unlike similar products, ours do not require putting a hole through the shoulder pin. Why is this important? Because those that are installed with roll pins are more likely to shear. When they shear, they may let the shoulder pin come out. This safety feature also allows our Safety Engineered Hoist Rings to be more easily disassembled and reassembled for safety testing. This feature is not available on the products of our competitors. ADB’s safety engineering makes our hoist rings the best choice for lifting and lowering heavy-duty loads.

Custom Hoist Rings: does ADB offer them?

Yes! ADB strives to meet all of our clients’ individual needs. We understand that across the broad range of industries we serve– such as aerospace, manufacturing, construction, etc.– there is no “one size fits all” solution. Therefore, in addition to our comprehensive line of safety lifting devices, we also offer customized equipment. If you have a lift project with unique specifications and requirements, we will be happy to assist you. We have an experienced team of associates who can work with you to produce the perfect safety lifting devices for the job.