Wind-Worker™ Tower Placement System

ADB® continues to be innovative by providing the wind energy a safe and efficient solution for rigging each section of the flanged tower section. The patented design allows for universal fit on most towers and mounting fasteners can be customized as needed to meet the most intricate flange hole dimensions.

The system consists of 4 tower top placement tools and 2 tower base placement tools consisting of a system capacity of 100 tons. The system is designed to allow for rigging to and from transport vehicles, to site preparation, and finally for tower installation. The system can also be used for maintenance applications which require tower sections to be removed.

  • 100 Ton System Working Load Limit (larger WLL available)
  • 360° Swivel Range
  • 180° Pivot Range
  • 5:1 Design Factor
  • Greatly Reduces Sling Bind
  • Corrosion Resistant Plating
  • Each Tool is Serialized and Proof Tested to 200% of its WLL
  • Adjustable for Universal Fit on Most Towers
  • 100% Technical Support from Quote to Final Lift

Patent 5,848,815 / Patent 6,953,212 / Patent 8,596,700 / Other Patents Pending

All ADB Products meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B30.26

Part Number 83503