Safety & Certifications

Safety is our only business

ADB is the originator and industry’s leading manufacturer of hoist rings and safety lifting devices used in many sectors of manufacturing and construction. Product applications include aerospace and defense, stamping and injection molding, power generation; nuclear, hydro, wind and solar, construction including tunnel boring, precast panels, tilt-up and pipe installation, road construction and many more. Our quality assurance program includes the highest level of NDT and process which ensures the safest lifting point in the industry.

Metric Conversion Table

Useful Conversion Data (Approximation)

To Covert From To Multiply By
Length Millimeter (mm) Inch (in) 0.03937
Force Newton (N) Pound-Force (lb) 0.22481
Stress Newton/mm2 Pound/Inch2 145.04
Torque Newton-Meter (Nm) Pound-Foot (lbs-ft) 0.7376
Weight Kilogram (Kg) Pound (lb) 2.204

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