What is an Eye-Bolt?

Eye-bolts: what are they?

Simply put, an eye-bolt is like a regular bolt, except it has a loop (an “eye”) at the end of it. This added loop makes it easy to run cables, ropes, etc., through the bolt.

What is the difference between forged and bent eye-bolts?

The main difference is that forged eye bolts are better for heavy-duty lifting applications. Bent eye-bolts are made by the metal into a loop. The bent eye bolt may bend during larger lifts, whereas forged eye-bolts can withstand much heavier loads.

What is a screw eye-bolt?

Another common type of eye-bolts is the screw eye-bolt. Screw eye-bolts are similar to other eye-bolts but have the added advantage of having threads. We’d recommend taking a look at our selection of products to see all the eye-bolts that ADB has to offer and contact our service team if you have any questions.