Scissor-Lok® System

Scissor-Lok SystemMaterial: High Tensile Alloy Steel

Design Factor: Minimum of 5:1, Provides for obstruction free plate surface for storage, Certified Heat Treatment, Rated Load: 10,000 lbs

Finish: Black Oxide per Mil C-13924 B

Range of Movement: Pivots 180 degrees

All dimensions approximate – variations do not effect use or design factor.

Scissor-Lok System
Scissor-Lok System
Scissor-Lok System
Scissor-Lok® System
Part No. Rate Load (lbs) Description
36860Scissor-Lok Tool 10000 Scissor-Lok® Tool
36900Fast-Lok Plate 10000 Fast-Lok® Plate
36551Fast-Lok Shackle 10000 Shackle
36903Fast-Lok Pin 10000 Fast-Lok® Pin
36865Scissor-Lok System 10000 Scissor-Lok® System

* Quantities of 25 or more, contact factory for quotation